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The Town We Love

Birmingham, AL is truly the “Magic City.” The growth of positive initiatives like the formation of Railroad Park, the revitalization of Avondale District, the competitive advantages given to entrepreneurs by Innovation Depot, and the reconstruction of downtown have been beneficial for business owners and residents alike. Birmingham is home to many great companies and actively fostering a strong startup community.  

Birmingham is not the Magic City because of the wave of a magic wand, instead, Birmingham’s magic comes through the hard work and determination of its inhabitants. People of Birmingham… Airship loves you. Never been here? We suggest you come by and experience this magnificent wonder of the South that is a nationally recognized technology hub.

Airship is a founding member of Keep It Local

TechBirmingham, Innovation Depot and several key business partners began discussions centered around how to create more opportunities for local companies to do more business together with a focus on IT products and services.

The result of these initial discussions is the Keep IT Local Pledge. Companies on both the “demand” and “supply” side are encouraged to sign the Keep IT Local pledge on this website. By signing the pledge, companies are committing to consider local technology suppliers as a resource when possible and local suppliers are committing to understand buyer needs and find ways to grow their capabilities to match those needs.