iOS & Android Application


AutoTec's AuctionACCESS platform is the number one dealer credentialing system for the wholesale auto auction industry in North America. AutoTec needed to replace their existing mobile app with something more visually appealing and functional.

Project Details

  • iOS & Android Application

  • February 2018

  • 7 months

Project Overview

After going through the Mapping process with AutoTec, our team of builders concluded that React Native would be a perfect fit for their cross-platform app. This allowed us to iterate rapidly in development and get the app into the hands of the consumer faster than a native build.


  • Take a lengthy enrollment process from the web and make it more intuitive, even on a smaller device in the app.
  • Provide a way for auto auctions to validate a person through a unique QR code.
  • Allow companies to manage all of their resources inside the app.


  • React Native

The Feels