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Set Sail

At Airship we understand that in order for us to be successful we must craft products and tools that generate revenue and capture operating efficiencies for our clients. Airship is first a service provider and everything we do reflects our commitment to that purpose. When you work with Airship expect the ‘tailwinds’ of our client-focused team to blow you away!

Can Airship Chart my Course?

Whether you are a start-up with a game-changing idea or a multi-billion dollar corporation looking to launch a new application or mobilize your enterprise solution, Airship takes your product to new heights.

The Map:

We are a process-oriented team. Once we map the journey that provides the best value to you, we standardize those practices and make them part of our development. Each client is assigned a Project Navigator whose role is to chart the course and see the project to its destination.

Journey Expectations:

  1. Transparent communication about time frames and budgets.
  2. Consistent updates on progress.
  3. Questions to confirm we are meeting your objectives and tracking along your anticipated path.
  4. Demos every two weeks detailing the project for immediate feedback on progress.
  5. Support during and after your product launch.

Course Changes?

Of Course! Our chart is built to allow for flexibility and changes along the way. Your Opportunity Explorer and Project Navigator will help you define the scope and adapt it when needed. Agile development methods support rapid changes to features and design. Airship builds all projects with future scalability and feature additions in mind. We craft quality code that becomes the foundation of your long-term product vision.

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