What is Mapping?

Mapping is a service to help you discover all the possibilities for your project. There is more than one way to address a given problem, and you want to be on the right path from the beginning. Our Mapping process allows our crew to understand your organization, goals, and users in order to shape the most impactful plan for your project’s journey. The process starts by working in a collaborative effort with your team to discover the full set of requirements to build your web or mobile software application. In just 2-3 weeks, our crew of multi-disciplined professionals will provide consultation regarding function, design, and business execution. In addition, we create deliverables that are yours to keep, including wireframing, user research, technical scope documentation, and firm pricing and timeframes to build your web or mobile software application. We can even create beautifully designed prototypes of key screens for your project if desired. Learn more about our NEW Mapping Tiers, what’s included, as well as pricing!


Mapping provides insight for designing better experiences to help you reach your destination quickly while avoiding costly mistakes – all before your project journey begins. It’s an opportunity to identify and understand critical parts of your project. Why are Mapping/UX deliverables valuable for designing a successful project? Find out here and hereIt’s also a chance to see how you like working with our crew and what we offer without committing to any long-term project contracts. The deliverables are yours to keep – if you want to start your project journey with Airship, awesome! If not, no worries!

Wireframe Models

Airship Mapping - Cost to develop a mobile app or web app

Above: Wireframes from April 2018 Mapping with Prometheus / Browning Trail Cameras.

Airship will create low-fidelity models of each screen that we will build (above). These will be used to confirm the user experience and flow of the application. These models will be the first step of confirming the user experience and clients will be given the opportunity to review throughout the process and make adjustments.

Design Prototypes

Above: Fully-designed prototype of web application dashboard screens from February 2017 Mapping with Iron Tribe Fitness.

The prototype will allow a click-through view of the user interface. During this phase, we will add color and styling to the design. At delivery, you will understand the general look, feel, and flow of the application. Airship will build 2-4 screens that the client helps select to provide a representative sample. This prototype will be built in a prototyping app (InVision or something similar). The prototype can be used internally to gain project acceptance. It can also be used to gather feedback from prospective users or customers.

Fully Documented Technical Scope + Estimate

This document will outline the application feature set along with the technical details that a software development team would need to complete the project. This will be the map that we will use to guide us through the completion of the project if you select to begin your project journey with Airship. You can have confidence that this document will accurately define timelines and budgets.

We understand that your wish list of features can outgrow what your budget allows, and that’s okay! Our crew will work with you to create a project scope that includes must-have features with opportunities to add enhancements at a later date – all without interrupting your timeline.

Above: Phase I (of many because we want to make it right for our clients!) of mobile responsive web application prototype from November 2017 Mapping with Loop.

What to Expect

We know from experience that pre-planning your software build leads to a better understanding of project demands, uncovers potential issues, and provides a more accurate estimation of time and budget requirements. Here’s what it looks like to go through the Mapping process with Airship.

Tell me how much Mapping costs first

1.) Agreement + Questionnaire

Once you return the signed Mapping agreement to Airship, you’ll receive a link to our Mapping Questionnaire. This will help us learn more about your project, stakeholders, goals, and more so we can prepare for our initial meeting.

2.) Schedule & Conduct Meetings

Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, Airship’s Opportunity Explorer will reach out to schedule the initial meetings. There will usually be two meetings that will typically take place on successive days with each meeting taking up to 3 hours (max). We prefer to hold in-person meetings with a diverse set of stakeholders (internal teams, customers, prospects, users, etc.), if possible. If in-person meetings are not an option, we will hold remote meetings.

Above: Wireframes of Angel Eye mobile application (provider side) from February 2018 Mapping.

3.) Mapping Work

This is where Airship takes the helm to map an incredible journey! The Project Navigator and Builders assigned to your Mapping will take the information collected in the meetings and use it to produce the wireframes, prototypes, scope documents, and project estimate.

Above: Prototype of mobile application screens (user side) from February 2018 Mapping with Angel Eye Camera Systems.

4.) Deliverables Completed

Your assigned crew members will schedule another meeting with your team to present and hand off the Mapping deliverables. We walk you through our research, design, estimates, recommended technology, project timelines – the works! This is our opportunity to show you how much we learned about your users and how aligned we are with your project objectives. All this is provided for a one-time, no hassle flat fee. Best of all, the Mapping process takes just 2-3 weeks once the initial meetings are completed. Clients have loved how this process properly prepares them for their exciting Journey of creating custom crafted software.

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