Austin Jones


As a builder at Airship, I am able to have a career doing what I am passionate about, building applications. Being a builder allows me to pursue my dream of being a developer. I am able solve problems and really get creative doing so. Being in such a great work environment at Airship has and will allow me to always grow as a developer. I am a part of a team that not only builds great software, but builds great relationships with clients. It is a great feeling being able to help people and companies reach their goals. As a builder at Airship, I am able to make a difference and be part of something great.

Diagnostic system technician contracted at Mercedes in Vance, AL. I helped with implementing a tester that rides through the vehicle through the final stages of production. Basically any tests that ran once they put the computer in the vehicle, that’s what my department was over.

Outside of Airship I like being able to spend time with my wife and son. We love hoping on Netflix and recently my son has been able to join in on my love for video games. I really love music whether that be listening or playing it. Whenever I have the time, I like to jump on my drums and play along with whatever I am into at the moment.