Katie Deck

Market Cartographer

Cartographers coordinate the elements of a map to best convey its message to an audience. They do this by combining science, aesthetics, and technique to communicate information. My role as Market Cartographer combines strategy, technology, and marketing to map Airship’s journey into new territories. I discover new opportunities for growth and plot entry points in current and potential markets. Obviously, I win “Coolest Title” in the field of marketing. 😎

I am originally from Haleyville, AL (Winston Co.), the birthplace of Guthrie’s, The Original Golden Fried Chicken Fingers, and 9-1-1 (you’re welcome for both). I am a proud two-time graduate of The University of Alabama (Roll Tide) with a B.A. and a Master’s in Advertising & Public Relations (summa cum laude with Honors 🤓). After graduation, I high-tailed it to Birmingham and have been in marketing ever since.

In February 2017, I began a coding boot camp that would eventually lead me to Airship. I am thankful every single day for that decision and for the events that brought me here in June 2017. Our crew is simply amazing. (#squadgoals)

Outside of Airship, you’ll find me in Avondale hanging out with my husband, Andrew, and our ginormous standard poodle. 🐩 We love to call Birmingham our home and dream about becoming either London detectives or judges on the Great British Bake Off (we’re “tragically unqualified” for both, apparently 🧐). We also love the Tide and talk about Nick Saban as if he were our life coach (WWNSD?). 🐘

Katie Deck - Airship Crew Adventures!

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