Mark Moser

Builder & Journey Lead

What do you do at Airship?

I get to help the crew create and refine technical solutions that enable people to succeed at the work they do. Usually, this comes down to building and maintaining a software product, but the best part is exploring the problem to decide the best product to build right now. Helping explore and find those unrealized concerns, and forging a path to the solution is one of the things that excites me.

What did you do before Airship?

I mostly have worked on web related projects in the years before joining the Airship crew. I’ve also spent some time managing restaurants, working in video post-production. My web development experience has had seasons of focus across the whole stack: HTML/CSS prototyping, backend API development, database design, and deployment operations. Projects have included: custom content management systems, custom customer relations management which included modules for marketing scripts, real estate management, medical research data collection, and reporting.

What do you do outside of Airship?

My three teenage daughters can keep my wife and I fairly busy, but when I get play time you could find me tending to my aquariums, tinkering on my electronics bench, or the shop. I also serve on the board for the Destination Imagination Illinois affiliate as well as co-manage my daughters’ team.