Seth Carrino


As a Builder on the Journey Team at Airship, I get to do what I am passionate about. That’s to bring creative solutions through innovative software development techniques that drive scalability and deliver engaging user experiences for today’s software. It’s definitely a mouthful but this is actually what I geek out about. Working with the talented people here at Airship is challenging me each day to craft my skills so that I can in return build the best possible product I can at the end of the day.

Before Airship, I have had a little bit of a journey. In my late teens and early twenties I was super passionate about martial arts and fitness so I decided to get my personal training certification and start up a little gym in Warren, OH. What started out as a way to teach others martial arts and urge the importance of fitness turned into one of my best memories. I was able to compete as a cage fighter, teach the youth, and build a team of fighters that became a big family. But as the tides turn and the search for new growth began I always had a whisper in my ear that I should be diving more into programming. I was already doing it at nights and on the weekends freelancing for clients but wasn’t 100% on how I would get there.

That led me to the The Iron Yard after a friend urge me it was the right decision. This was an immersive boot camp experience for software development that allowed me to get my foot in the door at the right place. My first job was at a software development agency in Raleigh, NC which allowed me to be surrounded by smart, hard-working developers right at the start. This catapulted my growth and lead me to where I am at now at an absolute dream job.

Outside of Airship, my super mom of a wife Morgan and I enjoy time together with our little girl Remy, chocolate lab Val, and our tabby cat Rumer. Whenever I get other free time you can usually find me getting involved with my local developer community, getting into the gym, or playing video games.