Val Rowan


As a Voyager Builder here at Airship, I have the fortunate opportunity to work closely with a passionate team of developers on projects that provide software solutions to clients. I am surrounded by a crew that encourages me every day to expand my knowledge of software development and pushes me towards professional growth.

Preceding my opportunity to work with Airship, my life resembled that of what many young and budding individuals’ lives consisted of — pursuing my education and working rather unfulfilling jobs on the side. I decided to get involved in a software development course that steered me into this fascinating world of IT, and now I’m fortunate to be a part of a team that brings for meaningful experiences.

Being an avid automotive enthusiast, I aim to surround myself around cool, interesting cars and other enthusiasts whenever I get the opportunity. I’m especially a fan of 1960’s muscle cars and modern Italian supercars, which I am constantly reading about in car blogs and articles.

I also enjoy getting up and staying active. I am consistently in recreation centers running around the track, playing basketball or racquetball, and lifting weights. I constantly look to try out new things and am always willing to go on new adventures.

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