Zack Hovatter


As a builder at Airship, I’m fortunate to be able to work on a wide variety of projects that really help people. I’m always learning new and better ways to do things alongside a truly great team. At the end of every week, I can look back and see the differences that I have made on projects and in my own skillset.

I’m originally from a very small nursery town in Middle Tennessee. I took an interest in software development at an early age and decided to dive in head first. After a few years of self-teaching and freelance work, I landed a few jobs until transitioning into building my own startups and products. I came across Airship when I was seeking a remote team environment and could not have found a better fit.

When I’m not building great things with the Airship team I enjoy growing vegetables (peppers especially!), woodworking, working on our cars, poorly playing banjo and bass, and building some of my own software projects. I’m usually accompanied by a couple of crazy Australian Shepherds and my wonderful girlfriend, Morgan.

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