What is a Voyage?

At Airship, a Voyage is an agreement that enables Airship to support, maintain, and enhance your software application over a long period of time. Now that you have an incredible web or mobile application completed during your Journey, you’ll need a team to maintain your software and make enhancements over time. You will also want a capable expert available for system emergencies.

Don’t have the capacity with your current team to keep your software build running smoothly? Whether we built your application or not, our highly qualified and dedicated software engineers are able to take complex maintenance tasks off your plate.

With Voyages, you choose how many hours each month you want our crew to perform regular maintenance, upgrades, and improvements. We also create on-call emergency alerts to let us know if your system experiences any issues and act immediately.

Find pricing estimates for Voyages here.

Voyages are also ideal for longer projects or projects with complicated backend architecture. They provide an opportunity to break up your project into monthly blocks that fit your budget.

Curious about what a Voyage project can include? Here are a few examples of our many Voyage-style projects:

  • Improving performance on large e-commerce platforms with zero downtime
  • Compliance testing and updating systems for compliance reviews
  • Creating new features and add-ons for an existing system
  • Updating code bases and bug fixing for updates
  • Rewriting entire backend architectures
  • Migrating databases to new servers

Don’t let ongoing support, complex add-ons, and long-term maintenance weigh you down. Contact us to discuss your project needs and how our crew can be a good fit!

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