Watch Iron Tribe’s Mapping Story

Iron Tribe Fitness Founder/CEO Forrest Walden came to Airship for help redeveloping their app after many bad experiences with other development shops. He shares his feedback on working with Airship to design and develop a mobile app for Iron Tribe members, starting with Airship’s Mapping process.

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Video Transcript

SPEAKER: Forrest Walden, Founder/CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness

“The app that Airship built for us is really the glue to our whole model. It’s the primary customer interface [our members] experience with our brand.

When I first engaged Airship, they really pushed me towards the Mapping process.

The reason we moved forward [with Airship] is because we felt understood and we felt like they could deliver on what they promised.

Honestly, I felt like they cared about us and they took the time to get to know my business, in fact, so much that they joined my gym and have had their own transformation in the process.

And I just love working with people who are working with me and they showed me that commitment and so its just been a great fit.”

More about Iron Tribe Fitness + Airship

To read more about the Iron Tribe mobile app for iOS and Android (built using React Native), check out their journey page. Or, you can see Bham Now’s article published when the app was first introduced to members.

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